App Direct’s Web-based Applications Solve Communications Problems

AppDirect Develops a Web Program That Just Works

We’re all trying to stay connected…to the office, the wife, the old gang. And it’s ironic that as we work hard to maintain these connections, ultimately there really is no physical connection at all.

Web based applicaton providers like AppDirect just make so much sense. Software installation is already done for you, so it’s always a snap, while tech support is never more than a keystroke away.

Environmentally these applications are a dream; although bulky user manuals went the way of the Irish Deer (look it up…it’s a real thing) years ago, now there’s no packaging, paper or plastic to dispose of. The beautiful thing with a company like AppDirect and their web-based applications is you only pay for what you use and updates are installed automatically with no action on your end whatsoever.

Switch’s explanatory video for AppDirect resulted from a very tight, 3-day start to finish, all-out marathon production session. Dan Shaw, the lead animator on the project still fondly recalls the project as it unfolded last summer. After all, it’s not often a client from California comes to town to enjoy the creative process, start to finish!

Wireless communication, the “cloud”, web-based applications…all help us stay in touch to the thing we value most, whether it’s our families, colleagues, or simply information. Thankfully this invisible connection comes without the rat’s nest of wires created during the “dark ages of hardwired” just 10 years ago, or 10 minutes ago if you consider my home office.

If AppDirect keeps this up, pretty soon the IT guy will go the way of the Maytag Repairman. Or worse yet, the Irish Deer.

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