Giving Credit at Work. Rypple Makes it Easy

Rypple Takes Employee Appreciation to the Next Level

Let’s kick off this blog post with a very brief pop quiz: How can the modern workplace best encourage a fun work experience for all of its employees?

A. Encourage positive feedback from the boss and co-workers
B. Provide timely recognition for a job well done
C. Allow for easy-to-manage goals and coaching opportunities, or
D. All of the above… AND a free TV!

If you guessed D, you are correct! Or maybe you’ve already heard of our friends at Rypple. Rypple recently sent Switch a 32” flat panel TV to help us create Rypple TV!  . We like to call it the Rypple Channel, broadcasting room-to-room, 24 hours a day.  When one employee recognizes another for a job well done or for going above and beyond the normal call of duty  we know about it instantly when it pops up on our very own Rypple Channel.

Rypple allows the staff at Switch to recognize each other for a job well done and we do it in style.  The staff at Switch started customizing badges to award each other for great ideas or to thank each other for great work.  My current favourite is the ‘flying Ninja’.  I think every office should have their own flying Ninja!

We’re also using Rypple to help keep our team organized and on track. Our staff track their own goals and assignments so there are no unpleasant surprises in the course of completing a project. Meeting notes, goals, objectives, timelines and feedback related to projects are safely stored in Rypple so nothing important ever goes missing.

Although I’m new to Rypple, I love being able to share feedback with staff in real time and I love seeing all of the Switch staff sharing feedback with each other.  No more waiting for dreaded annual reviews just to let someone know their work is really great. With Rypple, we always know where we stand. Instead of trying to physically track down Chris to let him know how much I appreciated his quick turnaround of a script under a tight deadline, I can pass that thanks along through Rypple.

Thanks again to our friends at Rypple for bringing the Switch Rypple Channel to life. Now if only they had included a lounge chair and a jumbo bag of BBQ chips, we’d be all set…

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