Animated Video vs. Live Action Video

Have you heard about the power of online video for converting visitors into customers? Are you thinking about having your own video produced? You may be wondering whether to go with live action or animation. The truth is that each type of video is good for achieving different goals.

Animated video

Admittedly, we’re a little biased towards animated explainer videos, so we’ll start with those.

Animated videos are an excellent choice when your goal is to explain complex or technical concepts.

  • With an animated video, you can easily tap into the science of learning by controlling how much information your viewer receives, and how quickly they receive it.
  • Animated videos can support your viewer’s learning process with graphs, visual metaphors or charts that reinforce the concepts you’re explaining.
  • By matching up a visual image with the audio message of the narrator, you give your viewer double the brain power to understand – and remember – your message. Research shows that people remember 58% more of what they see/hear in a video versus text or audio alone.

Live action video

Live action might be the better choice when your goal is to build or deepen a personal relationship between you and the service provide/CEO/owner and your viewers/potential customers.

  • Watching someone onscreen gives the viewer the ability to experience their tone of voice, body language and even their “energy.” From there, they can gauge more emotional elements such as trust, connection and rapport.
  • If you’re presenting testimonials from satisfied clients or customers, it’s just as important to show those people live onscreen so your viewers can see that they’re “real people” and believe what they’re saying.

Live action is also ideal if you have the type of product where image and visuals are an important part of the buying process – such as clothing or real estate.

Video is a potent marketing tool for reaching your website viewers on a deeper level. Whether you choose an animated explainer video to clarify a complex concept, or a live action video to establish a personal rapport, you’ll be extending the reach of your website and creating a richer experience for your visitors.

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