Did you know that Google will index every single word that is spoken in your YouTube video? That means your video will be found more easily by viewers who are searching for information about exactly what you do.

Wait, because there’s a catch.

In order for Google to ‘see’ the words in your video, you need to upload a text file to YouTube. Once you do, YouTube will sync that to your video and create scrolling closed caption messages for you.

Your video will be easier to find AND more accessible to people who need or want to follow along with the text while they watch. That is a huge benefit in itself, as we explained in this previous post about the five good reasons to add closed captions to your commercial web video.

Now all you need is a text transcript of your video. Easy, right? Actually, it’s a bit of a pain to start and start your video while trying to type out what the narrator is saying. This is where our heroes at SpeakerText come in. They can create a searchable, shareable, accessible and ultimately useable text transcript of your video. Automatically. With no effort on your part. Sound good? Then sign up for an account and get started!

Once you’re done, come on back so we can show you:

How to upload your SpeakerText transcript to your YouTube account

  1. Log into your SpeakerText account and click on the video you want to work on.
  2. Click on “View Transcript,” and then “Download Plain Text.”
  3. Save the plain text file to your computer (where you can easily find it later).
  4. From SpeakerText, click twice on your video to open it in YouTube.
  5. In YouTube, pause the video and click “Edit captions and subtitles.”
  6. Click “Add New Captions or Transcript.”
  7. Browse to find the transcript file that you saved to your computer earlier.
  8. Under “Type,” click “Transcript.”
  9. Click “Upload File.”
  10. Wait for the file to finish processing.
  11. Un-click the button that says “English Machine Transcriptions.”

Ta-dah! Now when someone views your video on YouTube, they can see your captions. More importantly, Google will include your video in search results when people have searched for words you’ve used in your video transcript. Congratulations, your video is more accessible AND easier to find.

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