How Basecamp’s Project Management System Helps Us Keep Our Promises

After producing more than 250 videos, we’ve learned a thing or two about how to get them done. While a creative process will never be like cranking something through an assembly line, we have been able to develop and stick to an efficient process.

Basecamp is a big part of that process, as we explain in this video:

What is Basecamp?

Basecamp is an online project collaboration tool that allows groups and teams to send messages, share files and keep track of tasks and timelines. All from a central online platform that is always up-to-date and accessible from any computer with an Internet connection, as well as most mobile phones.

Having all communications about client projects in a central place keeps our team on track and our clients informed. Basecamp goes a long way in helping us meet our three promises:

1) We will set reasonable timelines and meet them.
We won’t promise what we can’t deliver.

Basecamp Task Manager lets us add tasks, assign them to individual team members, and set deadlines. This helps us lay out the project from start to finish to make sure each project plan is realistic and achievable.

2) We will keep you informed.
It is important to know where things stand, so we will keep you up to date.

In Basecamp, we can send general project-related messages to clients or team members anytime, and they’ll all be together in one place. Instead of replying with a new message (as you would in email), you post a comment to the original message, which keeps everything neatly together in one stream. Or we can even send comments right from the task list as we’re working through the project.

3) We will complete all aspects of the job.
You won’t have to ask twice.

With Basecamp, we don’t lose track of any tasks because we can set up project milestones to see at a quick glance which tasks are coming up – in both calendar and list view. Individual team members can even download calendar items into our individual calendars – cool stuff!

With Basecamp on our side, we’ve proven time and again that it IS possible to deliver brilliant creative work and still be on track, on time and efficient. So here’s a big thank you to 37Signals, the makers of Basecamp, for helping us keep our customer service promise!

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