Bouncy Castle Friday

Spring has finally arrived: no humidity and blissfully moderate temperatures abound. Green all around: cool, lush, thick grass and a dense canopy of Sugar Maple trees with their leaves shading the house our office resides in.  A bouncy castle on the side lawn.

Yes, a bouncy castle, technically, a bouncy stunt course but nonetheless imagine our joy to see an inflatable playland beckoning us as we arrived at work last week.  We weren’t entirely surprised to see it. We spend lots of time here at Switch using our imaginations and had just completed a bouncy castle marketing promotion offering great rates on our videos.  So the bouncy castle theme had sort of imprinted on many of us of late.  But to have our boss, Andrew, rent one for us and see it come alive, as we jumped for joy, that’s the cat’s meow so to speak.

Bouncy castles, meowing cats and other slightly irreverent concepts make their way into lots of Switch’s Explanatory videos too. What do you and your business imagine? Would you like to see it subtly come alive in a video explaining your product?  It’s amazing how quirky, eclectic and slightly madcap concepts can be integrated into our explanatory videos. They add that hint of lightheartedness, surprise and originality that make a video great to watch; especially on a Friday.

And just in case you’re reading Andrew, I think we should do an ice cream truck related marketing promotion in July.

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