Apple’s iPhone Gets Switch’ed Up!

Now Switch Videos can be viewed from your iPhone

Oh Yeah, it’s official, there’s an app for that! Or rather there’s an app for Switch. Since February 2011 Switch has been pocket bound with the release of our free Apple Store App.

So what does our app do you might ask? Good question. We wanted our app to showcase the best parts of our company, namely our videos and our people.

Switch Video for iPhone

We wanted our app to be easy to use with a clean interface which is why you’ll see all of your app options housed in one place, all snuggled in together. The 7 clickable… excuse us, touchable icons each give the users a valuable function:

1) Videos- Check out a large cross section of our videos and projects. A lot of our best videos can be seen here making it a great place to get an idea of what we are capable of.

2) Photos- When we’re getting ready to execute on a project we always develop the concept first. We even offer free concepts on our website. Take a look and see how a single frame becomes a video.

3) News- This is the app portal to our blog. All of our posts can be found inside this tab and with new articles being released every week there’s always something new for readers!

4) Activity- Stay in touch with other users and Switch Video team members in the activity section. It’s our own little app wall for gabbering back and forth. Post a message and get in the conversation.

5) Users- See someone in the activity section you want to know more about? Click on the users section to see their shouts, badges and a little more info.

6) Profile- If you want into the community you need a profile. Fill out or update your info here and have at the activity and users sections!

7) Search- If you can’t find it maybe we can help. The handy dandy search feature trolls through all the app info and finds you what you need.

Take a look for yourself and stay mobile with Switch Video!


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