ProofHQ and Switch Collaborating on the Same Page

It wasn’t so long ago that getting design work reviewed and approved on time was a painful and time- consuming process. You practically needed a management expert to keep track of all the copies, versions, and files, and it was a nightmare trying to get everyone on the same page. Well, no longer.

Chances are, if you’re in the marketing, branding, agency or print service business, you’re already more than familiar with ProofHQ. It’s a great online proofing tool from the UK that we use at Switch to get client feedback and approval about creative concepts, storyboards and video. With ProofHQ, decision makers can review and approve high-volume, time-critical design work, easily mark up and comment on proofs, and see and reply to other’s feedback. In real time. Which makes for speedier collaboration, faster feedback and improved communication. Pretty cool!

At Switch, we use ProofHQ daily to streamline our video production process. Here’s how it works: ProofHQ creates one single proof – say goodbye to the days of multiple file, version and copy confusion – that everyone can access, review, and comment on online. What’s more, ProofHQ works across all media types, and there are no file size limits. Plus, it can be effortlessly and fully integrated into most project management systems, like Basecamp, our system of choice. Most importantly, it’s a breeze to use.

We recently completed a video for ProofHQ, making full use of the program during our production process to increase efficiency and improve visibility at both ends.

The result? ProofHQ’s John Zimmerer had this to say: “The team at Switch was great to work with. They led us through an obviously well thought-out and time-tested process, gently nudging and guiding us along the way, and produced a video that captures the essence of why someone would want to use our product. From drafting the script to selecting voice talent, to establishing the creative direction, to the first cut and final render, Switch helped coax our vision into reality. And the best part was, we used ProofHQ to review the rough cut videos, so it was super simple to identify what we wanted to change and communicate back our suggestions. We love our video, and would highly recommend Switch to anyone consider using video to help potential customers quickly and easily understand your company’s value proposition.”

ProofHQ LOVE their Switch video. We LOVE using ProofHQ.

Cheers ProofHQ, for streamlining the review and approval process, and for making online proofing a no-brainer!

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