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The Switch Team recently completed a video for Softchoice — one of the top North American providers of IT solutions and services. Softchoice does a number of things – too many to talk about here (and to be honest, we barely understand half the things they do, which is why THEY do those things and not US) – but our video centered on some of the work they do with Autodesk; in this case, AutoCAD.

As with any software, AutoCAD is updated and improved regularly. It can be hard for companies that use AutoCAD to stay on top of the latest and greatest versions and moreover, they’re often under the impression that they can’t afford them (which isn’t always the reality). That’s where Softchoice comes in. They’re the middle-(wo)men who step in to explain confusing things to people and in doing so, they improve companies’  efficiency and relieve a hell of a lot of headaches! They might call themselves Softchoice, but after working with them, we’re pretty sure there’s nothing ‘soft’ about ‘choosing’ them!  Check out our video below.

And there was a warm and fuzzy factor to this video. Autodesk is also the manufacturer of Maya! “Who’s Maya?” you might be saying. Well, it’s not a who, it’s a what – it’s a software used for animation. “Who cares?” you might be saying! Well we care, because our video for Softchoice was created in Maya! The point is, we thought it was pretty cool that AutoCAD’s sister-software was used to create an animated video about keeping up to date in AutoCAD.

This video centres around getting people who work with AutoCAD to get a message across to their employer. Softchoice’s service acts as a kind of translator for those people and we were excited to translate those ideas into a fun, visual medium. For those employees out there, itching to get their hands an a newer version of AutoCAD – and in the process upping their productivity and sanity levels – this video will act as both an eye opener and a tool they can use to help themselves.

Lastly, it takes two to tango and Softchoice made a great dance partner. They were prompt, available and great to work with all around. Thanks to people like the ones at Softchoice, a fun job is made even more enjoyable!

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