What an awesome video. It’s so great. I know educated women, in their mid 30’s, who fish, have post-secondary education and aren’t married will love it.  Well actually I’m not sure they will and how on earth can I get some feedback from such a group.

Switch recently discovered and worked with Lab42. They are an on-line market research company that takes the whole market research thing into the 21st century. No stuffy survey panels, jaded professional survey takers, epic prices and months later results. Lab42 posts questions to social networks to receive results from targeted markets fast.

We posted our MokaFive video to an audience of 30 and asked them 15 questions about the video. The whole experience was highly customizable. And we had the sizzling, hot survey results in our hands in just 24 hours!!!  We chose to target a very broad group of individuals aged 25 – 45 and here is a summary of our results:

So, after 24 hours, here are some quick survey results:

  • 47% of the people prefer 60 second videos
  • 67% of the viewers were female
  • 47% of the viewers rated the video a 4 out of 5(!)
  • 33% of the viewers prefer to spend between $10-$20K
  • 60% of the viewers are employed
  • 40% of the viewers earn an income between $50-$100K

Lab42 lets you design your own survey with their online survey maker or you can get their team’s advice and then build your own or even have them design and build your whole survey for you.  You can decide what market you want to target or get Lab42’s advice on targeting.

They do the hard stuff of posting your questions to online appropriate social networks, like Twitter and Facebook,  and collate the data in a variety of ways. You’ll see your raw data in a table and nice, easy to read graphs. And they will, for a small extra fee, turn you data into super cool infographics. They have an infographic department!!!!  They do great market research work and they make cool infographics.

Switch really likes what Lab42 does and they like what we do too. Check out one of their latest blog post: “Lights, Camera…Survey”, it explains the benefits of embedding a video in your next survey. What a brilliant idea.

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