Plasticine is in the house

I never really wished I worked on the first floor of Switch. Noisy automated doorbell, busy kitchen, walls of blinking sound editing equipment.  But now I’m looking for any possible excuse to go downstairs.

We are making claymation videos down there.  It’s like Wallace and Grommit are living at Switch.  I’m charmed, delighted and swooning.  I peek into the 3-D room and see the most amazing, intricate plasticine creations coming to life for our brand new claymation clients, Study Hall and Check out a sample of one of our videos:


Switch Claymation videos are our latest style. They take 8 weeks to make and are incredibly labour intensive to produce.  But the results are stellar and so memorable.

I get to see claymation being made, live. Let’s find out more about this fun, new animation style we’re offering at Switch. I’m heading downstairs to see what Rob and Tom (the claymation guys) are sculpting right now.

Rob is in charge of moulding the clay. He tells me true plasticine can’t handle the heat of the lighting equipment so a polyform product called Sculpey is used. Rob also manipulates and photographs the clay. Tom, a few feet away from Rob, puts all the pictures together on a cool computer to make the finished product: an animated, claymation video. Amazing.

No matter what the details, Switch’s Claymation, like our signature Switch Animated, is a powerful way to get your message across.

Is it too early to add Sculpey to my Christmas list?

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