Rebounding off the screen

What’s a bellicon you ask? Well, the answer was contained in a large, flat ,square box that arrived on Switch’s doorstep recently. Some called the contents “a mini trampoline”, but now we know it’s called a “rebounder”: a mini trampoline designed for health and fitness. The Switch team all took turns bouncing and learned some cool stuff too.

All 638 muscles of the human body are engaged with every bounce on a bellicon rebounder. The bellicon uses bungees instead of metal springs so the landings are smooth and supported. There’s none of the squeaky noise and joint pain I associate with jumping on crappy mini trampolines. According to bellicon, while bouncing on the rebounder, lymphatic fluid is moved over joints which helps the body detox. I think bellicon is on to something here and our video for them worked to explain this.

The “Science of the bellicon” video graphically explains all the health benefits of rebounding on the bellicon. The video was made in our unique Digital Switchboard style and we included a cleverly animated graph to explain some of the more complex scientific information about the bellicon. It was a simple white background with black illustrations and a hit of bellicon orange for impact.

Digital SwitchBoard is a powerful way to see static information come alive so that it really informs the viewer of a product’s benefits and features; especially when they are complex or scientific. The clean look of Digital Switchboard makes information “jump” off the screen in a memorable way. Oops… I meant to say “rebound” off the screen in a memorable way.

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