Two Thumbs Up…Way Up!

Internally, we watch and share a lot of videos. You name it we, we watch it.  Today we want to share one with you.

This morning, Senior Account Manager, Tony Marik and Switch Founder, Andrew Angus, shared a video that is one of the best they’ve ever seen. It’s called ”Back to the Start”. This animated video tells the sentimental story of a farmer who unfortunately, changes his family farm into a factory farm. Upon realizing the error of his ways, he makes changes and creates a more sustainable future for his farm and family.  The video is beautiful.

At only 2 minutes and 20 seconds, this video still has all the components of the best feature films.  The narrative arc is compelling and complete. The farmer’s character and motivations are well drawn out.  The visual effects and design are mature and polished. It’s a touching and sentimental production that’s tells a powerful story clearly.  The script is Willie Nelson’s humble vocal and guitar stylings, covering Coldplay’s “The Scientist”.

Please enjoy “Back to the Start”. We did.  And let us know if you like it too.

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