ProofHQ: It’s all in the iterating

One of the many things Switch Video took away from Startup Weekend this year was the idea of the “pivot”. The beginnings of Switch Video (which started as Switch Fuel, moved to Switch Marketing, and finally ended up where we are today as Switch Video), was based on a whole lot of pivoting!

The other side of the pivot, is the iteration. Being flexible enough to launch your product, go back and iterate upon it, and then launch it again. This is an essential part of software development, especially using the Agile framework. We love working with companies that are dedicated to the idea of “iterate, iterate, iterate”. It’s also an important part of how we at Switch Video look at how we improve our products and services over time.

The team at 37signals has shown how iteration can be such a powerful tool, and Seth Godin tells us repeatedly to “ship“, which is the goal of each iteration.

Sometimes if you watch closely, you can see iterations in progress, and it’s amazing and inspiring to see.

We’re lucky enough to have been one of ProofHQ’s early adopters, and we’ve written many times about how awesome their team is to work with and how their amazing proofing software has changed our life, as well as our clients’ lives. One of the main reasons they keep us coming back for more is that they’re also firm believers in agile development and iteration.

Since they just launched a whole lot of amazing new features last week, we thought it would be a good time to just take a moment to say how much we appreciate them, and how much we look forward to the next iteration of ProofHQ!

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