We think what we do is ‘pretty cool’ (said in voice of Miley Cyrus impersonator from Saturday Night Live). And sometimes we get to work with companies who make us feel even cooler. We recently finished up an animation for ReverbNation’s product Promote It!. ReverbNation is kind of like Facebook for musicians. With hundreds of thousands of users, it’s a great way to stay in the loop, network and promote yourself.

But what about outside of ReverbNation? Well, they had the same question which is why they came up with Promote It!. Promote It! helps artists, band managers and labels get a musician’s music out, not just to people, but to the right people. They use social networking sights like Facebook to hone in on people who will like the music being promoted, listen to it, share it with friends, come to shows, etc. As they put it, ‘Promote It! is like a marketing department in your pocket’. Check out their video here.

It’s really great when we work with people who have a clear vision of what they want. This product isn’t aimed at just anyone who plays the guitar in their basement; Promote It! made it clear that their target market is professional musicians and managers who are serious about what they’re doing. Having that information immediately gave us what we needed to mold an animation that talks to the ‘big boys’ (and girls).

Switch Video is a company that often helps companies promote things and we’re really glad that we’re able to help promote Promote It!!

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