Start Your Back to School Adventure Online

In the interests of fostering a great 2011/2012 school year for everyone, this blog entry will link you to the prestigious Khan Academy’s online digital academy. Come to think of it we’ll put the link at the end of the entry because once you see the 2400 online video lessons you won’t be returning to this blog post, you’ll be working to increase your IQ at Khan’s.

At the Khan website, you could find yourself diving headfirst into college level differential calculus and quadratic equations, reminding yourself of the basics of long division, trawling through GMAT prep exercises or mastering the basics of finance and astronomy. The breadth of clear and conversational lessons available at the Khan Academy is astonishing. Khan has saved the academic “buttocks” of many a college and high school student.

Everything at the Khan Academy is free. Khan Academy is a not-for-profit started by a Salman Khan. He’s a 34 year old, former hedge-fund manager who put math lessons on YouTube to tutor some relatives who lived across the country. The idea took off. Check out his TEDtalks talk. Bill Gates discovered the lessons, used them with his kids, donated a few million to underwrite the Academy and the rest is history. The Khan Academy is now a not for profit educational tour de force that draws 2 millions viewers a month.

At Switch, I visited the Khan Academy to get background information on the science of sine waves and electromagnetism. It helped me to understand our client, Power Offer’s revolutionary electricity generation and conversion technology.

Good luck with your back to school season whether you’re in the classroom or not.

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