Great Game!!! Thirsty? Let’s go for a beer

Who doesn’t love hearing those words? At Switch, we enjoy beer culture as much as any real Canadian does;  thus, it’s our proud civic duty to inform you that Molson Coors is giving away one million dollars to help Canadian communities grow stronger.  It’s Molson Coors’ new Community Cheer program.

Do you have a project that would bring your community together in an active and positive way? New rink roof, community centre reno, night lighting for your favourite playing field, you name it.
Check out Switch’s Digital Switchboard video explaining the program:

You’ll learn how your project can become one of at least 20 projects across Canada to share in a million “community-building” dollars. Gather 225 “cheers” for your project and you’re pretty much good to go.

Being social, keeping active, having fun and sharing a beer afterwards, that’s worth celebrating. So go on and get yourself a glass of “Community Cheer”.

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