Where’s My Burgundy Robot?

Sometimes work can be daunting. Really smart people build a really great product that really improves things but it seems hard to explain in a 90 second video.  Over time, I’ve learned it’s always explainable in the end.

We read, we talk, we learn, it all distills down into the “what you need to know” stuff and we blast off from there. Script gets written, storyboard gets agreed upon, animation starts, voice-over is cast, files rendered and wow there’s a great video. And it’s all in 5 weeks.  That’s the Switch process. And that’s exactly how it was with Inbenta.

Inbenta is superior search engine technology that uses the latest scientific research about how to make computers think more like humans (technical name “natural language processing”) . That way businesses can drastically improve search engine abilities with respect to SEO, conversion rates, canned responses and FAQ’s. It becomes just plain “way easier” to find what you want on Google and on the site you should find it on.  Inbenta is impressive technology.

And now Inbenta is a robot too.  Yes, we took Inbenta’s  technology: the result of a lot of powerful computer science/search engine research and crafted it into a cute, helpful, burgundy-toned robot for their video.  And she (I think Inbenta is a she – but you be the judge)  co-stars with e-marketing manager Mark in one of latest Switch’s videos. Inbenta and Mark come together to dramatically improve the performance of Mark’s company’s website.

Sure Inbenta the robot is a cute. But more importantly, she’s a captivating animated character that humanizes a heck of a lot of complicated information so that a product can be persuasively explained in just 90 seconds. Thanks Inbenta, work is not so daunting when you’re on the team.

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