Meet “Switch Faves”

Welcome to Switch Faves – a new blog feature where the Switch team shares the best animated marketing videos in the biz with you. At Switch, we are politely encouraged to watch and share animated videos as part of our job. No one gets in trouble from the boss for having YouTube open on their desktop. It’s all in the name of professional development.

And since the average HR department doesn’t see “trawling the web for videos” as part of a job description we’ll be posting notable web videos in our blog so you don’t miss out on the good ones. Some old, some new, some Switch style, some the style of others.

The first video selection might be a bit of an underwhelming for some of you but it’s a mighty practical product, the video’s mighty clear at defining it, and comes from a mighty big company. It’s the Google Flight Search video.

We have employees on the road in Barcelona, San Francisco and Las Vegas right now, so securing cheap and convenient flights is front of mind thus the tie in was irresistible. Plus, maybe if I watch it enough I can go somewhere too.

Please, join in the discussion – it’ll be just like joining us for lunch in the Switch dining room. Everyone’s comments and new recommendations are welcome there.

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