Finding Professionals that Care

Lawyers, accountants, and HR professionals; every business needs their services and the services of other so-called “professionals”. Here’s some hiring advice: hire professionals that care about your business and that you like, connect with and want to do business with.

Don’t accept poor customer service or sales from the professionals you hire. It’s absolutely reasonable to expect your lawyer, accountant or HR professionals to want to work with you, know about your business and be willing and eager to learn more about it. What you expect from any of your employees you can expect from professionals you employ to provide services.

At Switch it took us a few kicks at the can and close to three years to find a lawyer and an accountant we love to work with. Now, we have a great lawyer and a great accountant. Phew. They both care about our business and are happy to accompany us as we grow in size and maturity.

How did I know we’d found a great accountant? There were a couple of things. The first time I met him, he knew about Switch’s “Three Promises”. He had visited our website and done some research about animated web video production too. He cared. He was interested. I trusted my gut and he’s now our great accountant.

Trust your gut and only accept the best professionals for your business too.

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