Are You Typical?

Right handed or left handed?
Income higher or lower than $12,000US?
Cellphone or no cellphone?
Bank account or no bank account?
Male or female?

Curious to know if you are a typical citizen of the world?

The answer lies in a wonderful and compelling infographic video from National Geographic. Wonderful, because you’ll learn who is typical in under a minute. Compelling, because the video is a beautiful infographic featuring soft black backgrounds, lovely white, “easy on the eyes” serif fonts and happy hits of National Geographic iconic yellow. The lively soundtrack keeps the whole deal moving along without being “catchy obvious”.

Spoiler alert: The typical person is a 28 year old, cellphone owning, right handed male, who makes less than 12 grand a year, has no bank account and is Han Chinese in ethnicity. There are approximately 9 million of him on the earth. National Geographic observed 190,000 of him more closely and created a really cool composite photo of him featured in the video. His days as the most typical are numbered though. By 2030 he will be replaced by someone in India.

Stayed tuned for that National Geographic video in 2030. Until then, I’ll post some more Switch Fave videos for you to consider, admire and comment on.

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