Hope is Better Than Fear

I miss Jack Layton. It still makes me sad to think that Canada has lost a tireless leader, compassionate man, and true defender of society’s marginalized and needy.

Donating a 30 second Switch Animated video to promote Hope is Better Than Fear: Paying Jack Layton Forward, a new ebook from Random House Canada was a joy and an awesome way to do something positive that pays tribute to Jack and the ideals he stood for.

Random House Canada’s ebook Hope is Better Than Fear: Paying Jack Layton Forward is a collection of short, personal essays from a diverse group of Canadian contributors including Rex Murphy, Steven Page and former Toronto mayor David Miller. The essays pay tribute to Layton’s legacy and challenge Canadians to continue to work toward positive social change. No matter what political party you support, it’s hard not to find common ground with Jack’s vision for aboriginal rights, women’s rights, the environment, and the homeless.

The contributors volunteered their time and Random House is donating the net proceeds of the ebook to two charities, selected by Jack’s widow Olivia Chow, the National Aboriginal Achievement Foundation and Shannen’s Dream. Both charities work to provide educational opportunities for aboriginal youth in Canada. And priced at $6.99, it’s a nice little electronic present to send to someone you love.

I’m not so sad now.

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