Don’t Punch Your Customers in the Face (Scott Stratten got me started)

Just the other night I enjoyed dinner at a lovely restaurant with my business partner. We hailed a cab to get home. In the cab I got punched in the face. In that moment, the loveliness of our evening evaporated.

The TV screen in the cab was so big, so bright and so in our faces. It was a nasty blow to the head. The screen played nothing but ads. There was nothing useful to watch like news or weather. Just injurious, in your face, visual junk.

As a customer of cab company, they had pretty much punched me in the face during the cab ride by providing such offensive on screen advertising.

At Switch we don’t punch anyone. We don’t pull any punches. We’re a punch-free zone. We think hard about how to make the customer experience great, for the whole ride. That’s why we developed our three promises and our five week process.

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