Stop Motion Animation – Dot & Gulp

Sometimes I play favourites.

I like Dot more than Gulp.

What am I talking about? Is this a cryptic riddle? No, Dot and Gulp are, respectively, the smallest and the largest stop motion videos ever created. They are sponsored videos, created by Sumo Science, made to promote the advanced camera technology in the Nokia n8 smartphone. Here at Switch, we do stop motion claymation on a more moderate scale to great results. But watch Dot and Gulp and see what happens when you take stop motion to the extreme.

Dot (my favourite of the two) is the stop action story of a sweet, paperclip-sized, blond girl named Dot. Dot watches as her miniature world literally unravels. Yes, it’s the world’s most miniature stop motion video filmed on a smartphone camera. Small stuff = massive impact.

Now Gulp: companion piece to Dot. Gulp’s the world’s largest stop action film. Filmed, not in the dark corners of an animation studio but at a real beach in the UK with a team of sand artists and a cherry picker hoisting three Nokia n8 phones into the sky to take the still photos for the video. The story: man fishing in boat, man and boat get eaten by giant fish, they live in fish’s belly for a bit and then get spat up back into the world again.

With Dot it was easy for me to immediately appreciate the technical accomplishment of the video and enjoy it’s charm. I enjoyed Gulp but couldn’t entirely fathom the scale and technical prowess required to produce it. At least not until I watched another video that explained how it was made. And there I learned the people involved in the Gulp production really enjoyed the trip to the beach for work…something I need to suggest to the boss.

Enjoy Dot and Gulp. We did.

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