Should I Pay People to Watch this Whiteboard Video?

Whiteboard videos are all the rage. They’re popular in a whole lot of different circles. Most of us have viewed at least one of the RSAnimate videos, so we’re all well on our way to being experts in whiteboard video. We’re going to feature some of our favourite whiteboard videos in the coming weeks. Enjoy them again or enjoy them for the very first time.

Today’s whiteboard video post is RSAnimate video Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us. It challenges some of the most common assumptions about what motivates humans to improve their performance in the workplace. How are you motivated to better in the workplace or anywhere else for that matter?

Place your bets. Is money your motivator? Daniel Pink claims we are motivated by a magic elixir of autonomy, mastery and purpose. And that money does the exact opposite: it drives us to perform worse.

What would motivate you to watch this video? Money or the magic elixir?

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