Animated Video: Google Doodles

John Lennon, Martha Graham, PacMan, Freddie Mercury, Isaac Newton and the Muppets.

What do they all have in common? Fame, fortune, and an animated Google Doodle in their honour of course. I somehow missed the memo that those illustrated and animated variations of the Google home page are called “Google Doodles” but now I know.

The animated Google Doodles can be an especially entertaining diversion from the mundane everyday surfing of the web that we have to do.

I like the Martha Graham and John Lennon animated Google Doodles the best of the slate I watched.

This is a short entry so you can enjoy afew (of my favourite) Google Doodle diversions yourself.

Enjoy. And let me know if I missed including any of your favourite Google Doodles. I need daily diversions just as much as anyone else.

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