Moo to You – Stop Motion Video

We’re Not Crafty (except when it comes to “crafting” animated videos).

But we can’t resist this video that shows how “sticky products” are made and customized by the cool custom printing company Moo. Labels and Stickers: Moo to You is a 90 second video that opens with a Switch whiteboard-esque scene and continues along to show how Moo lets you make professional, ultra swish stickers.

With no narration and sped up live action footage we embark on the sticker making journey. We watch the graphic design team create cool stickers on computers and then see what happens at the Moo printing facility. Stickers rolling off the presses, stickers cut to size, labels packaged and posted, happy customers opening the stickers and putting them to work immediately on handmade soaps, report covers, custom roasted coffee blends and of course on jars of homemade consumables like jam and pickles. The whole process in 90 seconds. Wow.

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