Switch Video Weekly WrapUp: Oct 21


A 90 second Switch whiteboard video demystifying the creation of international banking standards.
I always enjoy watching white board videos. They surprise me with all their varying effects and executions. Hand or no hand? Black and white? Black and white with colour? Lots of text? Lots of illustrations? Or a mix?

Here’s one of Switch Video’s latest white board videos, SWIFT ISO 20022. I’m struck by the realistic use of colour in this video and the great pacing of the words and images. The video deftly simplifies the “exotic” world of international banking standards. How is it possible that we can bank seamlessly around the world? The answer lies with SWIFT. They let banks communicate with each other.

Never heard of SWIFT? Not to worry, I hadn’t either, but it’s good to know that now there’s a white board video to explain what this international consortium does to safeguard financial transactions around the globe.

Enjoy the video. And let us know what you think of the our latest adventure in white board.


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