Switch on Leap TV – Performance Tip of the Week

Explainer videos from Switch Video grabbed a shout out as a “performance tip of the week” on LeapTV recently.  LeapTV is a weekly online tv show that offers loads of programming for entrepreneurs and small business owners.(Switch is mentioned at 10:22)

LeapTV was letting it’s entrepreneur audience know the benefits to using video to promote their business. What was interesting about this segment is that the host, Isabelle Mercier Turcotte, commented that using video to promote your business isn’t the future anymore. It’s the here and now. And that video is effective and powerful.

We spend a lot to time driving this point home too.  Yes, people retain 58% more information by watching a video when compared to just plain reading text. And with white board video, claymation video or classic animated video styles, you can communicate your business message in a way that looks exactly how you want. And cheers to Isabelle for helping us share our message about the power of animated video.

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