It’s All About The Writing, Whiteboard Style

What do almost half the Switch Team have in common with Hemingway, Picasso, and Matisse? Old-fashioned, hard cover notebooks.

We all own and admire Moleskine brand journals, notebooks, planners, travel guides and even laptop covers. It seems that many of us spend a few moments a day engaged in manual note-taking mode, creative doodling, and even the occasional round of recreational origami work – all seemingly old school and “animated video – free” pursuits that include paper and a hard cover book.

It may be a bit of a personal indulgence, but today we are posting the video Moleskine: Where Writing Takes You. With no narration to attend to, it’s easy to enjoy this clever stop motion video that incorporates a big helping of whiteboard video stylings to remind us it’s all about the writing – for today’s post, at least. Tomorrow, who knows. Any suggestions?

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