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Turning data into beautifully designed visualizations or “infographics” has been all the rage. At Switch we’ve been creating infographic videos and inserting infographic elements into our videos for awhile now. We use them because portraying information graphically is so persuasive and thus fits right in with Switch’s mandate to create videos that clearly explain things.

Watch today’s video selection so you can have a broader understanding of the culture of infographics or as some call it “data visualization”. We’re posting a TED talk with David McCandless to this end. McCandless is one of the key players in the data visualization movement – check out his website Information is Beautiful. The video shows many of McCandless’s great infographics and in that way you’ll learn about military spending, facebook status updates, media frenzy on disease, supplement efficacy and lots more.

I really enjoy the comments and data that explain why our brains and eyeballs respond so well to infographics. McCandless likens infographics to a clearing in the jungle of information. That point is at about the 8 minute mark in the talk so relax and enjoy his talk. This video will bring you one step closer to being an infographic guru.

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