Switch Video: Weekly (Whiteboard) WrapUp

Check out this client video for Allari Solutions, featuring Switch’s Digital Whiteboard Style:

Poor James, the company IT guy is in crisis mode. He is about to pull out what little hair he has left due to a major system malfunction that occurs after hours. The business puts on the emergency brakes and can’t function properly until all systems are back up and running properly. This white board video explains that Allari Solutions comes to the rescue all decked out with their five senior IT guys ready to give the company system the what-for. With their 24/7 monitoring, system checks, troubleshooting and liaison skills, these guys can save the business money and keep things running all tickety-boo. James has it made. This white board video clearly conveys that Allari Solutions has your back. Their IT guys are the ‘it’ guys.

Here’s what we talked about in the Switch blog this week:

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