Leverage Linkedin for Your SEO Campaign

We certainly didn’t invent web marketing, but we’re part of a growing industry that long delivers great web marketing results for our clients and ourselves.

Here’s a story that provides some simple and practical advice on how you can use Linkedin as part of your SEO strategy. Any good SEO strategy aims for company coverage in as many great blogs as possible. Hopefully, you’ve already got a few blogs in mind. The article takes you through a step by step process for using Linkedin as part of a robust SEO strategy.

Here’s a  summary:

Go to Linkedin with the blog company name and then look under employees. If that list has a blogger, journalist, editor, etc. listed, it’s time to make a connection. And yes, most people say to use e-mail for contacting. But, it’s the most overused form of communication. So try this; if you have a “second degree connection” with someone on Linkedin, you can contact to them directly.

As well, most writers and bloggers on LinkedIn also have a Twitter account. Take a moment and start following that person and then tweet them directly. Use a quick tweet to compliment their blog, say something that shows you read it and ask to chat about an idea. Voila. The first step in improving your SEO strategy.

Something to add to your repertoire of SEO plans. Be creative and you’ll get noticed.

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