Stress, Stress, Go Away

At Switch, I see my entire workforce everyday. All 25 of us work together in a rambling old home. I cross their paths constantly: on the way up to sales and marketing, down the back staircase to the main floor and into the renovated kitchen. It’s unbelievably important that I look energized, optimistic and ready to work every day. My mood and temperament affect the mood and temperament of the whole office.

Growing my business so quickly has meant some extremely stressful times and yet showing that stress can prove detrimental to employee morale and productivity.

I had to find ways to make the stress go away. Every business leader needs to. For me it was 157 trips (and counting ) to Le Scandinave Spa after work. There, I could leave my stress in outdoor Scandinavian style bathing pools, dry saunas, steam rooms, all nestled in the Canadian forest. I would certainly recommend that anyone visit Le Scandinave for stress relief and relaxation. But really, it’s all about finding your own real or imagined spa, forest and healing waters.

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