Switch Video: Weekly Wrap Up

Client Video: Widgetmakr

Let’s talk about dragons and being creative in one blog entry. Switch created a 90 second video for WidgetMakr. WidgetMakr is an easy to use, super versatile and customizable piece of widget creation software. It allows even the smallest organizations to have mature and secure fundraising widgets on their websites.

Cleverly, Switch and WidgetMakr decided to make two great videos: a 30 second teaser video showing the product in action and a 60 second explainer video running through its key features. The client got the marketing and promotional versatility it needed and we all went on a happy creative adventure together.

Maybe you’re creative and want to see a mythical tale told in your video(s). We did it with WidgetMakr and would love to do it again with you.

Here’s what we talked about in the Switch blog this week:

Happy 6-month Anniversary, Will & Kate
A Royal wedding 60 sec whiteboard animation.

Leveraging Linkedin as part of your SEO Strategy
The first step in improving your SEO strategy.

Stress Stress, Go Away
157 trips and counting.

The Story of Bottled Water
Whiteboard video at it’s best. Educating for change.

The IOWEYOU Project
Be a part of the IOU Project.

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