Wanted: Startup Ideas. Apply Within

Over the years I’ve had a number of startup businesses. With Switch Video comes the greatest opportunity for me to grow personally. The personal financial opportunity that comes with creating animated videos is obvious. But far beyond that, I am driven by the opportunity to create.

Perhaps, my primary motivation is to create a workplace experience that is structured so people can find and apply their passion. When creativity is found at work, it’s a key piece for building an incredible and improved world. Does this mean I might be a philosopher? Only time will tell.

I love running an animated video company. It is a tremendous opportunity. It’s got a great mix: “manufacturing” process, “artistic” creativity and “marketing and sales” strategy. At first glance, making a videos may appear rote. We do it the same way, again and again. We get very good at the process with our 3 Promises and 5 Week process. Fortunately, the reality is, each project is new, exciting and completely different.

I see it as a framed picture. The frame never changes but whatever is inside the frame — an empty whiteboard so to speak — is ours to create. I don’t like uncontrolled change much, so the balance of the freedom of the canvas and the constraint of the frame is perfect for me.

To be a part of building something that makes people happy is a tangible goal of mine. And since I’m 32 years old and doing this all in the context of a world that changes constantly, I’ll have to reinvent this animated video business at least 15 times before the end of my career. If you have any ideas, I’d love to hear them.

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