Switch Video Weekly WrapUp: Dec 10

It’s A Woobius Showcase World

We get pretty excited when there is Claymation in the house. Why? The energy in the entire office shifts. The post production suite becomes a live action studio, complete with bright lights, cameras and editing action. We all quietly poke our heads into the studio to see the team working their magic: meticulously posing the plasticine characters, shifting them millimetre at a time in order to capture the perfect shot. This hands-on style requires hours of patiently positioning the clay characters and the building of elaborate sets.

We made our latest Claymation video for the delightful folks at Woobius. They understand that the days of the paper brochure is over. Want to generate leads? Use your tablet! Woobius created an innovative app that changes the way professionals present work to their clients. With a swipe and a tap, the app generates a fast, effective way to display visuals, drawings and video on an easy to manage low cost platform. I could go on, but you should really just watch the video.

Here’s what we talked about in the Switch blog this week:

Motion Graphics and Brain Power
How do we make knowledge powerful?

Stop Motion Whiteboard…Blackboard Style
Artistic creativity and information in 70 seconds.

Wanted: Start Up Ideas. Apply Within
Driven by the opportunity to create.

Entrepeneurs Can Succeed
An infographic video that empowers entrepeneurs.

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