Where Good Ideas Come From

Sometimes it takes a while for an idea to bubble and brew before it comes to life. Sometimes it takes reflection, discussion and collaboration with others. Back in the olden days, great minds like Picasso and Gertrude Stein used to hang out at cafes and salons to share these ideas. They also hung out with many other artists, writers and thinkers. Some really cool literature and art came out of the collision of minds.

Steven Johnson uses white board animation to communicate the message that many great ideas come out of creative connection and collaboration. He uses the white board to show the process of how ideas come to life and the patterns in which that happens.

Cafes are still readily available as a place for grandiose ideas to grow and come alive. But now, we have more choices. The pub, the greasy spoon, the poutine place are all good locations to get together with peeps to change the world. We must also remember that we now have the internet and office space. We use connectivity to our advantage. Ideas have a greater chance of becoming a reality just because everything is right at our finger tips. It’s sometimes just a screen between minds now. Watch the cool white board animation above to see for yourself or watch Stephen on TED Talks:

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