Symform: It’s the Why (Not the How)

One of our latest Switch Animated videos was created for Symform, a Seattle-based cloud storage company. Symform invented a completely, new mode of cloud storage. One that doesn’t involve cumbersome data centres, one with far greater redundancy, one with instant data restore, and one with inexpensive flat fees.

New technology is very exciting. Suddenly you can do cool new stuff. Be the first one on the block with the latest thing. You know, bragging rights and all.  New technology like Symform is cool not because of “how” it works but because of “why”.

Switch specializes in making videos that explain the critical “why” aspects of products and services in a compelling, easy to understand way. When people remember the “why” of your product, they are more likely to purchase the product or service. In our videos we make sure not to overwhelm the audience with too much technical “how”.  And we use lots of great visuals to illustrate the “why”.

Watch Symform’s animated video for it’s slippery banana peel, exploding data centre, epic high-five, and crazy thunderstorm and along the way you’ll find out exactly “why” Symform is the way to go for data storage and Switch is the way to go for web videos.

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