10 days in San Francisco

I decided three weeks ago that it was a good idea to move to San Francisco. I had only been here twice, both in the last two months and it felt like the right move. There were a lot of rational reasons for me to be here, but really it just felt right.

I think I make my best decisions when I don’t over think them. Inertia is the hardest thing to build and so when it tells me to move in a certain direction, then I go in that direction.

After 10 days in San Francisco, I know I made the right move. The opportunity is incredible here because people believe that anything is possible. In San Francisco, my ideas are too small, I move too slowly and I should have done it yesterday.

This is exactly where I need to be… in a place where I can’t work hard enough, can’t dream big enough and can’t possibly keep up with my peers.

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