Switch Video’s Rural Setting

It is assumed that living and working in an urban center is the place for economic and professional growth. There is the perception that everything important is there, around the corner, at your fingertips. Some rural areas provide these same things, just on a smaller scale. There is opportunity for business and personal growth in rural areas. We are all connected and business can be done from anywhere these days.

Switch Video, an animated explainer video production company operates in a rural Ontario setting. The business has grown from 1 to a staff of 25 in 3 years. It is located in a fibre connected office in a beautiful small town and it deals with clients from around the globe.

This growth has created jobs. The business contributes to the prosperity of the local economy. Besides growth in business, there is something to be said about rural settings in terms of personal growth. The pace is different. Access to the surrounding landscape means less noise, crowds, and commuting. It allow for a lifestyle with opportunities that are not always available in an urban setting.

Economic and professional growth is certainly readily attainable in a rural setting now that we are so tightly connected.

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