StudyHall by Switch Video

Some projects have a certain vibe about them the second the first phone call or email is received. StudyHall is case-in-point. We could hear Meagan’s laugh resonating throughout the building one July day. Who was she talking to? A long lost friend? A hot date? Nope. She was on a sales call with Ross Blankenship and Michael Edgar, the masterminds behind They were in the throes of launching their simple yet amazing concept: connect college and university students via a dedicated social media platform where they can share notes, connect with ‘study buddies’ and even work on group projects. Brilliant! Considering that Michael and Ross collectively have more degrees listed in their email signatures than number of videos we’ve produced, we’re guessing they know a bit about how to study successfully. Working with them proved that extremely well-educated (and well-studied!) people can be creative and fun.

There were jokes lobbed back and forth from our first meeting in the Discovery Call straight through until video completion. There was lightheartedness in our professional communications. And in the meantime, we made a beautiful claymation video with the help of their awesome input and inspiration.

It goes to show. Attitudes are infectious. And we’re watching for the StudyHall video to be so infectious, it goes viral.

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