Twisted Pair by Switch Video

Twisted Pair by Switch Video

“Come in Switch Video.”
“Switch Video, do you read me?”

I think “walkie talkies” are cool.  I imagine myself saying important stuff on them.

Nothing I’ve ever done in life has required “walkie talkie” prowess, so making a Digital Switchboard video for “push to talk” industry innovators, Twisted Pair, was lesson in “push to talk” for the real world.  “Push to talk” is a vital part of construction, hospitality, and lots of other “out of the office” industries.

With Twisted Pair’s new product “Wave Connections” software any smart phone (or smart tablet for that matter) can become a “push to talk” device.  It doesn’t make a whit of difference who the phone service provider is either. That’s important.

I’ll indulge myself and play cool spy games using Wave Connections at work using but the next time I’m at a construction site I’ll actually know about the latest in “push to talk” technology.

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