Simple Techniques to Promote Your Video

Search engine optimization, social media outreach, pay-per-click advertising – when did marketing get so complicated? Promoting a video online can often seem hit or miss. You’re either the next Dollar Shave Club or completely unnoticed. It’s time to get back to the basics of video promotion. Start with these six simple techniques!

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1. Tap into your social networks

Don’t add any unnecessary work to the whole social media thing. All it really takes to get started is a tweet with a “Please RT” or “#mustwatch” added on the end. Similarly, sharing your video on Facebook will take all of 10 seconds and could send your video on a viral spiral.

Did you know that David Devore, the father of the famous “David After Dentist” star, uploaded the video to YouTube thinking “no one’s going to care about this”? The video skyrocketed to success and now has over 110 million views. And, before you ask, Devore didn’t have a large following on YouTube when he posted the video.

Or perhaps pull an Arianna Huffington. She didn’t start at the bottom and claw her way to the top. She had resources, and tons of them, make that multi-millions of them. And is married to a senator. Her immediate network and connections all mixed in with millions of dollars help skyrocket the Huffington Post to where it’s at today. The point here is to leverage your connections. Whether it’s a few hundred twitter followers or some old high school buddies on Facebook, use them!

“You might not be a multimillionaire married to a senator, but you can still cultivate connections with powerful people” – Neil Patel

2. Reach out to relevant bloggers

Hit your inbox and start writing emails. Make a list of bloggers who are relevant to your video and who might be willing to share it with their readers. Start with the obvious bloggers. For example, anyone in video production, video review or video marketing. Then move on to anyone who blogs about your video’s topic. If your video is quality content, most bloggers will be happy to share it.

3. Join video communities

There are entire communities dedicated to video marketing and production. For example, Digital Director Video Editing Forums. Creating an account and joining conversations with other people who are interested in video will lead to new connections. Use your new relationships to promote your video! You already know they’re interested in what you’re working on. The better your reputation and the more support you show others, the more support they’ll show you in return.

4. Establish a reputation on top video channels

Just like establishing a reputation within video communities is important, establishing a reputation on video channels is vital as well. Consider David Devore again. Do you think “David After Dentist” would have gained traction faster if he had had a larger following? Absolutely.

Building a reputation on YouTube and Vimeo, for example, can never hurt. It’s as easy as commenting on videos, promoting the ones you like and making new friends.

5. Create a press release

It might sound old-fashioned or too formal, but it’s the quickest way to get your video on the newswire and in the media. Writing a great press release can sound daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. Your video no doubt has an interesting story that can be turned into a quick release.

Using Dollar Shave Club as an example again, their press release could have referred to the rising costs of razors or the popularity of subscription commerce. Once you’ve whipped something up, submit it to a service like the Canadian Newswire Group. Newswires will help you distribute your press releases quickly and major publications rely on newswires on slower days. For best results, send press releases to a few specific journalists as well.

6. Share it with your friends

We’ve saved the best for last. This is such a simple technique that so many people overlook. When you’re ready to start promoting your video, tell your friends about it! Word of mouth is still a highly effective tactic. Embrace the 3 foot rule. Anyone who is within 3 feet of you should know about your awesome new demo video, explainer video or online video ad. Great videos will spread like wildfire.

If all else fails, make friends with some very influential people with a huge following and make them share it. Like Ariana Huffington, marry a senator or perhaps be really obnoxious and scantily clad, like Jenna Marbles.

What have you done to promote your video?

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