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How do you engage entrepreneurs with disruptive technologies that are changing the face of retail commerce? …with a SwitchBoard style video of course.

Fung Capital is a venture capital fund affiliated with Li&Fung, the world’s largest sourcing company. Li&Fung manufactures, distributes and retails consumer products globally with over $20B in revenue. Fung Capital is looking to find and partner with entrepreneurs who bring, innovation, data and product sourcing together to create new and more efficient retail commerce. Think of this video as a “shout out” to entrepreneurial retail technology geniuses.

Fung Capital’s SwitchBoard video takes us on a retailing and sourcing journey starring teddy bears and handbags. And remember SwitchBoard is an ever-evolving video form. Fung Capital’s video showcases some great new effects. Watch for the animated index finger swiping between pages on a tablet. It’s cool and it’s in the first thirty seconds.

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