How to Get a Celebrity to Endorse You – on Video!

Want to get lots of eyeballs to your video? Get someone famous to endorse you. Getting the right celebrity can make your product an overnight success. The process of engaging a celebrity to endorse you is more of an art than a science. But with the right amount of creativity, it doesn’t have to feel like getting water from a stone.

Armed with a strategic approach, getting an A-list celebrity to endorse you on video could be easier than you think. For example, check out Twitter’s amazing celebrity endorsement video.

These celebrities wanted to be associated with Twitter, which is why they were happy to share why they love it with the world.

You can benefit by getting attention for your brand with the right celebrity too. Here are five tips to help you get a celebrity to endorse you on video.

1. Choose the right celebrity.

The first step to getting a celebrity to endorse you is finding the right one. They should match your brand and have influence over the audience you are trying to reach. There are a lot of products out there represented by people who don’t make sense. Think about how having Celebrity X endorse your product will make your brand look in your audience’s eyes.

An example of a celebrity endorsement gone wrong is the Winklevoss twins and Wonderful Pistachios. The twins used this platform as a way to rub salt in the wounds of Mark Zuckerberg, but for most of us, this just appeared strange and awkward.

2. Contact celebrities.

The Internet has made it infinitely easier to get in front of celebrities. However, for that exact same reason, it’s a challenge getting any celebrity’s attention. You might be the one lucky person who is able to connect with a celebrity via Twitter. Some people have had luck reaching celebrities through the people who surround them daily. For example, makeup artists, publicists and even television caterers.

Carol’s Daughter is the popular beauty brand that made O’s List and attracted not just celebrity endorsements, but celebrity investments from Will and Jada Smith, Jay-Z, and Mary J. Blige. Carol’s Daughter founder Lisa Price said, “When our business was smaller, I had access to celebrities through makeup artists and stylists. We did a lot of gifting and got our products used. Once we got these relationships with the celebs, we were able to reach them through their stylists for quotes and comments in press.”
So while social media has made it easier to connect with people online, the number of messages celebrities receive every single day makes it tough. Even today, old school PR tactics tend to work better for small brands.

3. Do your research.

Do your research to find out about the targeted celebrity and send something that will differentiate your product from the thousands of other brands trying to get them on board. Keep a running document of your targeted celebrities. Include information about their passions, the causes they support and any other personal details you can find (without coming off as a stalker).

This will help you craft your outreach so that it’s tailored and resonates with that particular celebrity. It’s likely you will need to try a few times with different celebrities before you find someone who is not only willing to endorse you, but to endorse you on video. Keep a list of these celebrity profiles.

4. Be creative with your outreach.

When you’re looking to generate interest from potential celebrity ambassadors, you are engaging in a sales process. Are they coming out with a new movie or a new book? Do they have a well-known love for a pet? Send them your product in a way that will surprise and delight them. The more thought and personalization you put into the outreach, the more likely it is that the celebrity will take note of your product.

5. Wine and dine them.

It is likely that the celebrities you reach out to will be more willing to endorse your brand if it benefits them in some way. You might need to get creative if you don’t have deep pockets. If your product is a food item, can you offer them a six-month supply? Can you cater one of their parties?

Perhaps you have money saved up and have the budget to pay them (they will probably ask for sponsorship dollars). If you get lucky and your product or story is something that resonates with the celebrity on an emotional level, they might not ask for payment. The better crafted your brand story is, the better you can engage them with that story.

Those are our top five tips. You probably won’t get an endorsement from the first celebrity you reach out to—don’t get discouraged. Keep trying until you find the approach (and the celebrity) that works for your brand.

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Blake Landau helps female entrepreneurs grow their business to the next level. She is the founder of Artemis and has worked with individuals and companies as large as Verizon. Tweet at her: @blakelandau or contact her at Artemis.

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