Video: Content Marketing’s Extra Edge

Content has boomed into a powerful marketing vehicle. Rather than bombarding people with advertisements, brands are creating high-quality content resources to attract prospective customers.

 As Copyblogger explains, “Content marketing means creating and sharing valuable free content to attract and convert prospects into customers, and customers into repeat buyers…in other words, you’re educating people so that they know, like, and trust you enough to do business with you.”

Stepping away from aggressive lead generation, companies are launching blogs, crafting eBooks and designing infographics to build relationships with prospective customers. Beyond plain text and graphics, video has an invaluable place in the content marketing world. Here’s what you can do to leverage video marketing.

1. Differentiate your brand into a memorable experience

In under a minute, you can tell your company’s entire story in a way that gets people energized, excited and laughing. Through video, you can also distinguish yourself from the competition to leave a lasting impression on potential customers. Tweet this!

As one example, consider Dollar Shave Club’s recent launch video that went viral. Beyond making people laugh, the video communicates a straightforward marketing message about a company that (1) sells razors (2) at a discount to (3) save people money and (4) help create jobs in a struggling economy.

In the form of text, the description loses its lighthearted and creative edge. Through video, however, Dollar Shave Club came alive.

2. Humanize the marketing relationship

Video moves people in ways that text simply cannot. While text provides utility, videos build emotional bonds.

“There are many emotional triggers that you can use to evoke feelings among your target audience and move them to action through your marketing messages,” said Susan Gunelius about effective copywriting. “People see a lot of marketing messages every day, so you have to give them a reason to digest yours by making them feel something when they see or hear it.”
Video connects audiences to real human faces, beyond chunks of text on a screen. Even the most compelling copy will fall short in captivating people in the ways that video can.

3. Integrate with other forms of media

Video marketing has exponential reach. Online, content syndication is the norm. Brands can easily integrate videos with blogs and social media, creating new distribution channels. Content is never standalone.

As one example, consider Pinterest, where brands are sharing videos with influencers. “Some brands are now developing video campaigns to encourage users to follow them on Pinterest and pin items,” said Grant Crowell, Mashable writer. “Take this Pinterest video campaign from a U.K. insurance comparison website. Their Driving in Heels video was part of a contest where users submitted the craziest shoes that they have ever worn while operating a car. This turned out to be an effective cross-marketing strategy.”

Video is also highly versatile. Brands may consider sharing content through traditional media networks like television as well. If you’re filming something for the web, why not transform it into a quick commercial? Media doesn’t stop with the Internet, but video is certainly at the center of it all.

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