In case you haven’t heard, explainer videos are totally kicking ass these days. To be fair, they have been for quite a while. The fact that more and more companies are taking notice lately is just some extra reassurance. From big players like Google and Facebook to startups like Vooza and Rypple, it seems like everyone is rushing to maximize the power of explainer videos.

But what gives explainer videos that power? Why are they so much more effective than plain text or images? It all boils down to four distinct reasons.

1. The World Loves Videos

An estimated 169.3 million people in the US will watch online video this year. That’s over five times the entire population of Canada! New research confirms that 50% of Internet users regularly watch funny videos online. YouTube is launching major celebrity careers (we’re looking at you, Biebs) and videos are going viral daily (not just on Friday, Friday). The truth is that the world is going crazy for online video, always in search of the next big hit.

2. Video Is Worth 1.8 Million Words

Forrester Research conducted a study in 2009 that produced some surprising results. A single minute of video is worth 1.8 million words. Take that, pictures! Not only are videos easier to share, but they convey a real story as well. Thanks to Seth Godin, we all know how much of an impact storytelling can have. Companies that are refusing to embrace video had better start writing.

3. Conversion Results Are Huge

According to Internet Retailer research, viewing a product video increases the likelihood of a purchase by 85%. Additional research showed that 52% of customers believe product videos give them more confidence in their purchase decisions. Video also increases email open rates and social sharing. Using the word “video” in the subject of an email has improved open rates by up to 13% and clickthrough rates by over 96%. Plus, 46% of viewers will share video on Facebook. Rypple, Dropbox, Zappos and Shoeline are just a few of the companies increasing their conversion rates with explainer videos.

4. It’s All About Brain Science

We know the world loves videos, but do we know why? Well, it’s thanks to a little something we like to call brain science. Our brains are hardwired to respond to videos. Not only are most of us visual learners, but an audience will retain more information from a video than from plain text or images – 68% more. By stimulating both the visual and auditory senses, you’re tapping into the brain science fueling video’s recent rise to fame.

The fact that explainer videos totally kick ass isn’t news to us. In fact, we’ve been proving it to our clients for nearly four years now. An explainer video isn’t just a quirky way to describe your brand or product, it’s a serious marketing tool. So, if you haven’t already, now is definitely the time to jump on the bandwagon. The proof is in the numbers (and we’re ready to take them to the bank).

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