By Andrew Angus on September 10, 2012

‘Explain what you do.’ This is Switch Video’s purpose. And what better proof than working with the delightful team at IBM’s developerWorks.

The project started with a pre-production meeting. There was content. A lot of it. The IBM team asked: would we be able to condense a boatload of content and express the message in a 90 second video” and express the message in a 90 second video?

We accepted the challenge. Key points of the script were delivered. We started writing. And rewriting. Metaphors for the visuals were discussed, and discussed again. Then expanded upon. Once the magic 240 words were finalised, and the storyboarding process began, both teams analysed. Are the verbal and visual messages working together to get the key message across? Would the point be accessible and understood by all potential viewers?

The result? Well, see for yourself. We love the developerWorks ‘Patterns’ video. And we have a hunch that you may too.

“Patterns” Video Link


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