Happy Halloween!

Everyone at the Switch Studio is always ready to get into the holiday spirit, (any holiday too. You should have seen it around here at Thanksgiving) and this Halloween was no exception. We had some really interesting costume choices, everything from Apple Rose (a take on Axel Rose) to a magical elf. After a little bit of chocolate, some candy, and a few sips of apple cider the Switch Team definitely rocked this holiday explainer video style. The costume competition that ensued was close and resulted in a tie, causing the grand prize of a Hershey’s bar and a skull mug to be divided between….”Beer” and “King Kong Climbing The Empire State Building”! We’ve definitely had fun, and the day isn’t even over yet! On behalf of the entire Switch Video team, we hope you are having just as Fang-tastic a Halloween as we are! To see more of our photos from today’s Halloween Bash, you can visit our Facebook page.

-The sWITCH Video Brew-Crew

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